Burn Book reveals 'hairy nips' and more in the new Mean Girls movie musical trailer

No one escapes the Burn Book unscathed in the final Mean Girls movie musical trailer.


Principal Duvall discovers the Burn Book

In the latest trailer for the new Mean Girls movie musical, Principal Duvall is seen holding the infamous Burn Book, which contains the worst thoughts of the popular clique, the Plastics, about their fellow classmates at North Shore High School.

As Regina George writes in the book, Principal Duvall reads out some of the shocking entries. He exposes Rachel Hamilton for filling her inhaler with vodka and discovers another student with 'hairy nips.'

Regina interjects emotionally, and Principal Duvall can only respond with a groan of 'Good lord.' It seems like the Burn Book is causing quite a stir.

Cady and her friends plot to take down Regina

Cady, Damian, and Janis are determined to bring an end to Regina George's reign of terror. In the trailer, they are shown hatching a plan to take down the head Plastic once and for all.

With Jon Hamm's Coach Carr warning about the effects of hormones on girls and Regina's mom offering guidance on various teenage troubles, it's clear that the battle against Regina won't be easy. However, Cady and her friends are determined to prevail.

Additionally, another clip reveals that more students will come across the Burn Book, hinting that its contents may make their way online. The combination of the Burn Book and social media is sure to stir up even more drama.

The revival of Mean Girls

The new Mean Girls movie musical is a fusion of the original 2004 teen comedy and the 2018 Broadway production. Adapted from Rosalind Wiseman's book, the story follows Cady's journey as she navigates the social hierarchy of her new high school after moving from Africa to Illinois.

With the release date for Mean Girls fast approaching, fans can expect a fresh take on the beloved story. The trailer gives a glimpse of the captivating performances and the comedic moments that made the original film and musical so popular.

Mark your calendars for January 12th when Mean Girls hits theaters. It's time to relive the drama and hilarity of high school through the lens of the Plastics.