BTC Price Sets New February High as Bitcoin Buyers Target Faraway $25K

Bitcoin rises into the week’s Wall Street open as China spooks investors, but BTC price analysis reveals what looks like growing support for a major drop.


China’s losses spark talk of recession

Bitcoin spiked past $43,500 into the Feb. 5 Wall Street open as United States markets reacted to Chinese stock turmoil.

China’s CSI 1000 index shed 8% in a single day, prompting authorities to impose further controls on short selling.

Trading resource The Kobeissi Letter queried whether the country might be in recession.

$25,000 zone gets fresh liquidity

Analyzing order book composition, Keith Alan, co-founder of trading tool Material Indicators, had a fresh BTC price warning in store.

Bitcoin still lacked liquidity immediately below the spot price, making a return to $42,000 especially easy.

Liquidity was increasing far lower — around $25,000, signaling growing sentiment for a dip.

Bitcoin buyers target faraway $25K

Keith Alan explained that there was some sentiment for a potential dip to the $25,000 level, although this did not guarantee an immediate drop in price.

He noted that more liquidity coming into the $25,000 range would be a sign of increasing sentiment.

On the other hand, the ladder of ask liquidity overhead spot indicated the likelihood of a snap upside to $45,000 or higher in the short term.