Britney Spears Denies Return to Music Industry, Focuses on Ghostwriting

Britney Spears has shut down rumors of a new album and stated that she will never return to the music industry. However, she clarified that she is still writing music for other people as a ghostwriter.


Spears Writes Music for Others

In a recent Instagram post, Britney Spears addressed rumors of a new album and stated that she has no plans to return to the music industry. However, she emphasized that she is still actively writing music, but for other artists. She revealed that she has written over 20 songs for various artists in the past two years and enjoys working as a ghostwriter.

Spears expressed her frustration with the persistent rumors and criticism, particularly those suggesting that she is collaborating with random individuals for a new album. To accompany her post, she shared a photo depicting a Guido Reni painting of Salome holding the head of John the Baptist.

History of Retirement Speculations

This is not the first time that Spears has hinted at retiring from releasing her own music. In July 2021, while still under the control of a conservatorship, her longtime manager Larry Rudolph resigned and stated that she had no intention of resuming her career. After being released from the conservatorship, Spears expressed fear of the music industry and declared that not creating her own music was an act of defiance against her family.

However, despite these statements, Spears did release the single "Hold Me Closer" in the following year, a collaboration with Elton John that achieved moderate success on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. On the other hand, her single "Mind Your Business" with received unfavorable reviews and did not chart on the Hot 100. Spears' last full album was "Glory" in 2016.

Confirmation Regarding Memoir

In her Instagram post, Spears also addressed another matter: the release of her bestselling memoir, "The Woman In Me." She stated that the claim that the book was published without her approval is far from the truth. As of now, it remains unclear what precisely transpired regarding the publication of her memoir.

Overall, while Britney Spears has dismissed the possibility of a new album and her return to the music industry, she continues to write music as a ghostwriter for other artists. It is yet to be seen if she will change her stance in the future.