Brawl during NHL game results in unprecedented 10-minute penalties for every player on the ice

Fights were prevalent throughout the Senators-Panthers game


Full-fledged fight breaks out during Senators-Panthers game

In a game between the Ottawa Senators and Florida Panthers, a full-fledged fight broke out during the third period, resulting in unprecedented penalties for every player on the ice. The game was already chippy, with altercations happening throughout, but this particular brawl escalated the situation even further.

After the brawl ended, every skater who was on the ice at the time was thrown out of the game. Despite the penalties and limited player availability for both teams, the Panthers managed to maintain their commanding lead and scored one more goal, leading to a final score of 5-0.

Tkachuk and Kulikov receive individual penalties

During the brawl, Senators player Brady Tkachuk and Panthers player Dmitry Kulikov were involved in a heated confrontation. Tkachuk had a breakaway play but was driven towards the boards by Kulikov's aggressive use of his hockey stick. This led to both teams reacting and multiple altercations breaking out. Tkachuk received a two-minute penalty for goalie interference and a two-minute penalty for roughing, while Kulikov was penalized two minutes for roughing.

However, the most surprising moment came when referee Garrett Rank announced that every player on the ice would receive a 10-minute misconduct penalty, essentially ejecting them from the game. This decision was unexpected and added another layer to the already intense situation.

Players emphasize the importance of playing with emotion

Despite the unprecedented penalties and player ejections, some players, including Brady Tkachuk, expressed the importance of playing hockey games with emotion. Tkachuk stated that the team is tough to beat when they play with passion and care about their performance and their teammates.

Later in the third period, two additional players received misconduct penalties, contributing to a total of 167 penalty minutes for the game. While this is a significant number, it falls short of the record set in a 2004 game between the Senators and Philadelphia Flyers, which saw 16 players ejected and a total of 419 penalty minutes.

Florida Panthers head coach Paul Maurice downplayed the events of the game, referring to it as just a part of hockey and acknowledging the competitive nature of the teams involved.