Books to Read this Black History Month, According to 3 Boston Writers

Three local writers share their book recommendations for Black History Month.


Akwaeke Emezi's 'You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty'

Akwaeke Emezi's 'You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty' is a captivating romance novel that explores themes of grief and love. The main character, Feyi, navigates through the challenges of relearning how to live after the death of her partner. The book is praised for its engaging and authentic dialogue that keeps readers hooked from the beginning. Serina Gousby, one of the Boston writers, recommends this book for its warm, hilarious, and passionate storytelling.

Publication Date: June 2024

Athena Dixon's 'The Loneliness Files'

In 'The Loneliness Files,' Athena Dixon examines the theme of isolation in a hyper-connected world. Through a collection of essays, Dixon reflects on her personal experiences and offers thought-provoking insights on loneliness. Theresa Okokon, another Boston writer, praises the book for its ability to narrow down and capture specific emotional experiences. She specifically mentions the essay 'I Don't Want to Drink Alone' as a brilliantly honest and beautifully written piece.

Publication Date: July 2023

Klancy Miller's 'For the Culture: Phenomenal Black Women and Femmes in Food'

Chef and writer Klancy Miller celebrates Black women and femmes in the food industry through her book 'For the Culture.' This cookbook combines recipes with stories and interviews, showcasing the talent and contributions of Black women in the culinary world. Nakia Hill, one of the Boston writers, praises the book for its outstanding recipes and its representation of Black women and femmes in the food industry. She describes the book as a work of art with drool-worthy food photography and stunning portraits.

Publication Date: September 2023


Kiese Laymon's 'Heavy: An American Memoir'

In 'Heavy,' Kiese Laymon explores various topics such as love, body image, addiction, and secrets. Written as a letter to his mother, Laymon delves into his personal experiences and tackles larger societal issues like fatphobia and anti-Blackness. Theresa Okokon recommends 'Heavy' as a classic memoir that breaks boundaries and serves as a deeply honest love letter. She considers Laymon's work as a valuable addition to the memoir genre.

Publication Date: October 2018