Blaney Reflects on NASCAR Champion's Week

Ryan Blaney shares his experience and emotions during NASCAR Champion's Week.


Blaney's Reflection on Last Year

Ryan Blaney, driver of the No. 12 Ford for Team Penske, had a bittersweet ending to the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season. Despite having one of the fastest cars at Phoenix Raceway, he finished second while playing the role of wingman to his teammate Joey Logano. As a result, Logano celebrated the championship while Blaney was left with the what-ifs. However, Blaney's perspective changed this year as he finished second once again, but this time it was in clinching his first championship.

Last year's disappointment fueled Blaney's hunger for success in the following season. He and his team worked hard to improve and put themselves in a position to contend for the championship again. Blaney reflected on the journey, acknowledging that it was a collective effort and not just his own. He expressed pride in his team's performance and the reward of accomplishing their goal.

Blaney's second-place finish at Phoenix Raceway this year was a redemption for his previous loss. It solidified his status as a Cup Series champion in his eighth full season at the age of 29.

Embracing the Champion's Week Experience

During NASCAR Champion's Week in Nashville, Blaney fully embraced the experience of being the newly crowned champion. He participated in interviews, interacted with fans, and even had a car parade down Broadway. Blaney was thrilled to take part in the festivities and enjoyed seeing his team come together in one setting.

He spoke about the importance of slowing down and savoring the moment. Blaney recognized that it's easy to get caught up in the fast-paced nature of being a champion, but he made a conscious effort to take it all in. He expressed gratitude for the support and excitement surrounding his victory.

The week of Thanksgiving provided a brief respite for Blaney before returning to the celebrations. He cherished the time spent with family and used it as an opportunity to reflect on his championship win. Blaney shared his excitement for the rest of the offseason and looked forward to what's to come.

Future Plans for Blaney

Looking ahead, Blaney has a busy schedule as he plans to participate in a two-day test at Phoenix Raceway for NASCAR's short-track package. This test will allow him to gather valuable data and insights to improve his performance in the upcoming season. Blaney remains determined to continue his success and build upon his championship-winning campaign.

As the offseason progresses, Blaney will continue to soak in the moments of his victory and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. He recognizes the hard work and dedication required to compete at the highest level of NASCAR and is eager to continue his journey as a Cup Series champion.