BLACKPINK Members to Focus on Group Activities as YG Entertainment Confirms No Individual Promotions

YG Entertainment has officially announced that the members of BLACKPINK will not be pursuing individual activities under their label.


YG Entertainment Confirms No Individual Promotions

On December 29, YG Entertainment released a statement confirming that the members of BLACKPINK will not be carrying out their individual promotions under the label.

The agency explained that they recently renewed BLACKPINK's contracts for group promotions, but have now agreed not to sign contracts for individual activities.

However, YG Entertainment assured fans that they will continue to support BLACKPINK's group activities with all available resources, while also encouraging and cheering on the members' individual endeavors.

Members' Future Plans

While Jennie has already announced her new start at her own label, OA (ODDATELIER), the other members of BLACKPINK have yet to unveil their specific plans.

Industry insiders speculate that Lisa is currently in discussions with an overseas agency for a potential contract, indicating a possible focus on international activities.

On the other hand, Jisoo is said to be exploring opportunities to further her acting career, showing her interest in expanding her talents beyond music.

BLACKPINK Stays United

Despite not pursuing individual promotions at the moment, the members of BLACKPINK remain united as a group.

Fans can expect to see the group continue their successful journey together, with YG Entertainment dedicating their resources to support BLACKPINK's collective endeavors.

While the decision may come as a surprise to some, it showcases the agency's commitment to prioritize the group's growth and success.