Biden Remains Defiant Amid Criticism of Afghanistan Withdrawal

President Biden continues to defend his decisions regarding the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, despite the backlash and the deaths of 13 American soldiers.


Biden Defends His Decisions

President Biden is privately confident that he made the right choices during the Afghanistan withdrawal, according to an upcoming book.

Despite the deaths of 13 American soldiers and the chaos that ensued, Biden stands by his decision to end the 20-year war.

Author Alexander Ward claims that Biden told his top aides that ending the war was always going to be messy and that no one had made a mistake.

Promises and Chaos

The book also reveals that Biden made promises to get people out of Afghanistan that he knew he couldn't keep.

When Biden vowed to keep troops on the ground until every U.S. citizen had the opportunity to leave, a White House official privately admitted that meeting that promise was unlikely.

Confusion and chaos at the Kabul airport further contributed to the failure to evacuate all U.S. citizens and Afghan allies.

Global Backlash and Unfulfilled Promises

Biden's decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan faced widespread criticism after the Taliban quickly regained control of the country.

Despite Biden's assurance that a Taliban takeover was unlikely, the insurgents took power just days after the withdrawal began.

The military evacuation ended on August 30, 2021, leaving behind many U.S. citizens and Afghan allies, despite Biden's promise to evacuate them all.