Biden administration considering delaying switch to electric vehicles: Report

The Biden administration is expected to loosen its rules for the country’s switch to electric vehicles (EVs), The New York Times first reported.


Biden administration considering rule change for electric vehicles

The Biden administration is reportedly planning to make changes to its proposed rules for the country's transition to electric vehicles (EVs). According to The New York Times, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering implementing less stringent requirements for vehicle pollution in the short term. This would allow car manufacturers to have a smaller percentage of their fleet be electric by 2030.

The rule change would benefit both car manufacturers and labor unions, as it would give them more time to increase EV production and develop charging infrastructure before facing stricter regulations.

Although the EV market has seen growth in recent years, it has not expanded as quickly as expected. In 2023, hybrid cars were more popular among consumers than fully electric vehicles. EV sales accounted for just 7 percent of the overall market. However, the Biden administration aims for EVs to make up two-thirds of sales by 2032.

Implications of the rule change

The proposed rule change could address concerns from the United Auto Workers (UAW) union regarding President Biden's switch to EVs. The UAW recently endorsed Biden after expressing reservations about the rapid transition to electric vehicles. The change in rules would potentially alleviate these concerns and ensure a smoother transition for the auto industry.

The EPA had initially proposed strict tailpipe standards that would have required manufacturers to sell mostly zero-emissions vehicles by 2030. However, the House GOP attempted to repeal this rule in December, and car dealers also expressed opposition. The Biden administration's expected announcement of the rule change in the coming months could help resolve these political challenges.

Evolving projections and anticipated announcement

The Biden administration's projected increase in EV sales aligns with its goal of reducing emissions and promoting sustainability. By allowing car manufacturers and labor unions more time to adapt, the administration aims to facilitate a smooth transition to electric vehicles.

The New York Times reported that the Biden administration is likely to announce the rule change this spring. This news comes amidst discussions about the future of the auto industry, climate change, and the United States' commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.