Best TV Shows of 2023: Jury Duty (Freevee), The Curse (Showtime), Beef (Netflix), Abbot Elementary (ABC), Succession (HBO), and The Bear (FX)

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The Enduring Power of Television

No matter what happens, television remains a constant presence in our lives. It has withstood global pandemics and strikes, and it continues to captivate and entertain us. Even when everything else seems to crumble, we can always rely on television to provide us with stories to watch, write about, and rank.

In 2023, we bid farewell to many incredible TV shows, but they left us with endings that were just as brilliant as what came before. Additionally, there were some surprises in the form of revivals and continuations that exceeded expectations. Television has a unique ability to tell stories in a way that no other medium can, making it an enduring force in the entertainment industry.

25. Blue Eye Samurai

Blue Eye Samurai, available on Netflix, is a pleasant surprise from 2023. This visually stunning animated series features graphic scenes of sex and violence, paired with beautifully animated sequences. Set in Edo period Japan, the show follows a mixed-race Samurai who is considered an abomination due to the outlawing of white people in the region. The series takes viewers on a quest for vengeance filled with dismemberment and death, all set to a fitting hard rock soundtrack. The voice cast, including Ming-Na Wen and Randall Park, delivers standout performances.

24. Daisy Jones and the Six

Daisy Jones and the Six, available on Prime Video, successfully adapts Taylor Jenkins Reid’s novel into a captivating series. It manages to capture the inexpressible emotions, conflicts, and beloved songs of the alternate ’70s setting. The relationships between the band members are more dynamic, and the original songs are a true delight. Camilla Morrone shines in a comprehensive role, transporting viewers back to the Pacific Coast Highway in 1978 with her performance.

23. What We Do in the Shadows (Season 5)

FX's vampire comedy, What We Do in the Shadows, continues to entertain with its fifth season. The show explores the aftermath of Guillermo's desire to become a vampire, adding new depth to the dynamics within the vampire residence. The impeccable cast delivers outstanding performances, and the season's highlights include Colin Robinson's run for local office and Laszlo's science experiments. Sometimes, a show like this just needs to hang out and have fun, especially when it consistently delivers quality content.

21. Welcome to Wrexham (Season 2)

Welcome to Wrexham, available on FX, takes viewers on a thrilling journey as Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney take a big risk by buying the Wrexham football club. The show documents the club's rise from the fifth tier of English football to gaining promotion out of the National League. Along the way, viewers get an inside look at the lives of the footballers, supporters, and staff who make the club run. Its novelty and uniqueness set it apart, providing a rewarding viewing experience.

These TV shows represent the best of 2023, showcasing the diverse range of storytelling and creativity that television offers. From animated series to adaptations and comedies, each show brings something special to the table. As the world changes, television remains a constant source of entertainment and inspiration for viewers around the globe.