Best of the Atlantic 10

The books that made us think the most this year


Recognizing Compelling Titles

With the rise of rapid consumption of information, books are becoming a countercultural medium that demands our attention and offers a space for ideas to flourish. At The Atlantic, we value books for their ability to captivate our minds while making us pause and ponder. The Atlantic 10 was created as a way to acknowledge books that compelled us to keep reading while also challenging us to consider new perspectives. This year, we have selected works that not only provide an escape from the chaos of the world but also allow us to imagine new possibilities.

Our selections for this year include a brilliantly crafted novel exploring the human toll of colonialism, a collection of inventive couplets delving into the complexities of relationships, a thought-provoking history of the American dream, and two memoirs that shed light on the challenges of growing up in different circumstances. We sought out ambitious projects with clear and beautiful writing that will ultimately leave you unable to put the book down.

By recognizing these exceptional works, we hope to highlight the enduring impact of literature and its power to shape our understanding of the world.

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