Batman: Caped Crusader Producer Clarifies Rumors of Kevin Conroy's Casting

Bruce Timm has revealed whether Kevin Conroy recorded any voiceover work for Batman: Caped Crusader.


Kevin Conroy's Absence from Batman: Caped Crusader

Recent rumors suggested that Kevin Conroy, known for his iconic portrayal of Batman's voice, would be involved in the upcoming animated series Batman: Caped Crusader. However, series co-creator and producer Bruce Timm has clarified that Conroy did not actually record any dialogue for the show.

While there were reports of Conroy recording dialogue for another project, it is now confirmed that he did not voice Batman or any other character in Batman: Caped Crusader. Unfortunately, Conroy passed away before he could contribute to the new show.

Fans of Batman: The Animated Series, which Batman: Caped Crusader was developed as a successor to, were disappointed by the news as they were hoping to hear Conroy's voice in the new series. Conroy's portrayal of Batman has left a lasting impact on fans and has become closely associated with the character.

The Legacy of Kevin Conroy's Batman

Kevin Conroy's rendition of Batman has been widely praised and applauded in various animated projects and video games. His voice work brought depth and gravitas to Batman's character, creating an iconic portrayal that resonated with fans worldwide.

Conroy's final performance as Batman was believed to be in the video game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. However, fans expressed their dissatisfaction with how Batman's story was handled in the game, feeling that it wasn't a fitting end to Conroy's run as the Dark Knight.

Fortunately, there is still hope for fans to hear Conroy as Batman one more time. It has been reported that Conroy's voice will be featured in the upcoming animated movie Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths - Part 3. This posthumous performance may provide a more satisfying conclusion to Conroy's portrayal of the beloved superhero.

What to Expect from Batman: Caped Crusader

Despite the absence of Kevin Conroy, fans of Batman: The Animated Series can still look forward to Batman: Caped Crusader. The new series promises to be a reimagining of the Batman mythology and is heavily inspired by the original animated series that Conroy helped make popular.

However, Batman: Caped Crusader is expected to have a darker tone compared to its predecessor. The creative team behind the show aims to explore new depths of Batman's character and delve into more complex storylines. While the premiere date has not been announced yet, anticipation for the series remains high.