Barack Obama's Favorite Books of the Year

Former President Barack Obama shares his favorite books of the year on Twitter and Instagram, urging others to give them a try.


Barack Obama's Book Recommendations

Former President Barack Obama has once again shared his favorite books of the year on social media. Taking to Twitter and Instagram, Obama posted a list of books he has enjoyed reading. This follows his earlier recommendations for summer reading, which included a mix of nonfiction, novels, and thrillers.

Obama encourages his followers to try out one of the books on his list if they're looking for a new read over the holidays. He also suggests supporting independent bookstores or visiting local libraries to find these books. Some of the books on his list are repeat selections from previous years.

Film and Music Favorites to Follow

In addition to sharing his book recommendations, Obama promises that he will also share his favorite films and music soon. It seems that he is spreading the holiday cheer by sharing his favorite forms of entertainment.

Obama's recommendations are often highly anticipated and well-received. Many people look forward to discovering new books, films, and music through his suggestions.

A Comment from Malcolm Spellman

Malcolm Spellman, an individual who commented on Obama's post, recommends the Hulu series 'HIP HOP UNCOVERED' to the former president. Spellman suggests that Obama should watch the series, highlighting its potential appeal to him.

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