Atmospheric River Sweeps into California with 'Life-Threatening' Floods and Hurricane-Force Winds

A dangerous atmospheric river has brought heavy rainfall and strong winds to California, leading to flash flood warnings, power outages, and evacuation orders. The storm is expected to cause substantial flooding and pose risks to life and property. Golf tournaments have been cancelled, and a state of emergency has been declared in multiple counties. The National Weather Service has described this weather event as one of the most dramatic in recent memory.


Evacuation Orders and Flash Flood Warnings

The National Weather Service in Los Angeles has issued a stern warning about the dangerous storm hitting California. The storm is expected to bring substantial flooding and has major risks to life and property. Evacuation orders have been issued and residents are advised to stay off the roads, especially freeways. Flash flood warnings have also been issued along with flood watches for the California coastline.

The Weather Prediction Center has registered a level four out of four on the scale of the risk of flash flooding and excessive rainfall. Ventura County has already issued evacuation orders due to the heavy rainfall and mountain runoff. Large parts of the California coastline are under flood watches, and warnings have been given about strong winds.

The Los Angeles Fire Department has also issued evacuation orders in the Shadow Hills area of the San Fernando Valley due to the risk of landslides. The department has advised residents to take necessary precautions and leave the area immediately.

Impact on Events and Infrastructure

The heavy rainfall and hurricane-force winds have led to the cancellation of the final round of a professional golf tournament at Pebble Beach. The PGA Tour ended the event early, and California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency in eight counties. Flash flood warnings have been issued for parts of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo counties.

The storm has also caused widespread power outages, with over 242,000 customers without electricity. Additionally, more than a foot of snow has been observed in some areas northwest of Lake Tahoe. The storm is expected to continue impacting California for the next few days.

The California Office of Emergency Services has prepared more than seven million sandbags to help mitigate the expected flooding. The National Weather Service has warned that this storm is a threat to lives and property.

One of the Most Dramatic Weather Events

The atmospheric river hitting California has been described as one of the most dramatic weather events in recent memory. The storm has brought major flash flooding, dangerous winds, tornadoes in some areas, and significant snowfall in the mountains.

By early afternoon, more than 100,000 customers were left without power. Rockslides and mudslides are expected to occur, and flash flooding has the potential to be life-threatening. The storm is expected to have its worst impact between Sunday and Tuesday.

The Los Angeles Fire Department has issued evacuation orders in certain areas due to the risk of landslides. The ongoing weather event has prompted California Governor Gavin Newsom to declare a state of emergency in multiple counties.