Ariana Grande Unveils Full Tracklist for New Album 'Eternal Sunshine'

After teasing fans for weeks, Ariana Grande has finally revealed the complete tracklist for her upcoming album 'Eternal Sunshine'. The pop star shared a video on Instagram where she showcased the handwritten list of all 13 songs on the album, along with some lyrics. The album is set to release on March 8th, and Grande has stated that she will not release any more singles before the album's release.


Tracklist Revealed

Ariana Grande took to Instagram to share the full tracklist of her seventh studio album 'Eternal Sunshine'. The video features a handwritten list of all 13 songs, including previously announced titles as well as new ones.

Fans were excited to finally see the complete tracklist, which includes songs such as 'Saturn Returns Interlude', 'The Boy Is Mine', 'Imperfect for You', and 'Ordinary Things' featuring Nonna.

Grande had been teasing fans by unveiling song titles one by one, but now they have a clear picture of what to expect from the album.

Lyrics Teased

In the video, Grande showcased the tracklist on a piece of paper, with some lyrics written around the border. One of the lyrics read, 'I'll hold your hurt in a box here beside me', while another asked, 'If the sun refused to shine, baby would I still be your lover?'

These lyrics give fans a glimpse into the emotional and introspective nature of 'Eternal Sunshine'. It adds to the anticipation surrounding the album and leaves listeners curious about the stories and themes explored in the songs.

Grande's decision to include these lyrics in the tracklist unveiling creates intrigue and excitement among her dedicated fanbase.

Upcoming Album Release

The release of 'Eternal Sunshine' is highly awaited by fans, as it will be Grande's first studio album since 2020's 'Positions'. The album is set to drop on March 8th, and Grande has already had success with its lead single, 'Yes, And?'

Grande has chosen to refrain from releasing any more singles before the album's release, creating a sense of anticipation and allowing the audience to experience the album as a cohesive body of work.

In a recent interview, Grande revealed that one of the songs on 'Eternal Sunshine' had been heard by fans before, but the album version will be different. This revelation piques curiosity and adds another layer of excitement to the upcoming release.