Argentina announces a 50% devaluation of its currency as part of shock economic measures

Argentina on Tuesday announced a sharp devaluation of its currency and cuts to energy and transportation subsidies as part of shock adjustments new President Javier Milei says are needed to deal with an economic 'emergency.'


Argentina announces currency devaluation and subsidy cuts

Argentina has unveiled a series of shock economic measures, including a 50% devaluation of its currency, as part of efforts to address its ongoing economic crisis. New President Javier Milei stated that these adjustments are necessary to deal with the economic 'emergency' that the country is facing. The Argentine peso will be devalued from 400 pesos to the U.S. dollar to 800 pesos to the dollar.

Economy Minister Luis Caputo made the announcement on national television, stating that the country needs to take these tough measures to curb its annual inflation rate of 143%, which has caused the currency to plummet. Additionally, Argentina is grappling with a fiscal deficit, a trade deficit, and a substantial debt to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Caputo also revealed that the government will cancel tenders for public works projects and reduce the size of the government by cutting some state jobs. Furthermore, energy and transportation subsidies will be scaled back, although specific details were not provided.

IMF welcomes Argentina's measures to improve public finances

The IMF has responded positively to Argentina's economic measures, stating that they provide a solid foundation for further discussions about the country's debt with the institution. The IMF emphasized that the initial actions taken by Argentina aim to improve public finances while protecting the vulnerable segments of society.

IMF spokesperson Julie Kozack noted that these decisive steps will help stabilize the economy and set the stage for sustainable growth driven by the private sector. The IMF has urged Argentina to implement these measures swiftly and effectively.

Challenges ahead for Argentina

While the devaluation and subsidy cuts are seen as necessary steps to address Argentina's economic crisis, they are expected to bring short-term hardships. Milei acknowledged that the country will face difficulties in the coming months as it undergoes these adjustments.

Argentina's economy is currently plagued by inflation, poverty, and a soaring fiscal deficit. The government's aim is to avoid hyperinflation and stabilize the economy to foster long-term growth and development.