Apple iOS and iPadOS Adoption Rates Compared

Apple has released new adoption rate numbers for iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, showing different trajectories compared to their predecessors.


iOS 17 Adoption Trails iOS 16

According to the latest data from Apple, the adoption rate of iOS 17 is slightly behind that of iOS 16 at the same time last year. Currently, iOS 17 is installed on 76% of iPhones introduced in the past four years, compared to 81% for iOS 16. While the difference may not be significant, it raises questions about the perceived importance of iOS 17 and its subsequent updates.

Approximately 20% of iPhones introduced in the last four years are still on iOS 16, with 4% running on earlier versions. Looking at all iPhones still in use, iOS 17 holds a 66% share, while iOS 16 sits at 23%, and earlier versions combined make up 11%.

iPadOS 17 Adoption Outpaces iPadOS 16

In contrast to iOS 17, the adoption rate of iPadOS 17 is surpassing its predecessor from a year ago. Currently, iPadOS 17 is installed on 61% of iPads introduced in the past four years, with iPadOS 16 at 29% and earlier versions at 10%.

Last year, iPadOS 16 was only on 53% of devices introduced in the previous four years, indicating substantial growth for iPadOS 17. When considering all iPads still in use, iPadOS 17 accounts for 53%, followed by iPadOS 16 at 29%, and other versions at 18%.