Android game and app deals: Heroes of Flatlandia, Burger Bistro Story, more

Check out the latest Android game and app deals, featuring titles like Heroes of Flatlandia and Burger Bistro Story.


Best Android apps and games on sale:

If you're an Android user looking for some great deals on apps and games, you're in luck. Here are some of the best deals currently available on Google Play.

Some of the highlighted titles include RUSTY: Island Survival Pro, Heroes of Flatlandia, Bleentoro Pro, Through the Ages, Burger Bistro Story, and more. With these discounts, now's the perfect time to snag some new games and apps for your Android device.

More Android game and app deals still live

In addition to the deals mentioned above, there are still plenty of other Android game and app deals to check out. Some of the titles on sale include Machinarium, OXXO, Scalak, Zenge, and Little Big Workshop. Whether you're into puzzles or action games, there's something for everyone in this list.

Take advantage of these discounts while they're still available and expand your library of Android games and apps without breaking the bank.

Heroes of Flatlandia features:

One of the games on sale, Heroes of Flatlandia, offers an exciting turn-based strategy experience. In this game, you'll lead your kingdom of elves, orcs, dwarfs, or undeads as a powerful hero. Build armies, engage in tactical battles, and use spells and abilities to gain an advantage over your enemies.

With a variety of maps and the option to play against AI or friends in multiplayer mode, Heroes of Flatlandia provides hours of strategic gameplay. If you're a fan of fantasy and strategy games, this is a title worth checking out.