Android Auto May Soon be Compatible with Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi phone users are facing wireless connection issues with Android Auto, and Google suggests updating to Android 14 as a potential solution. However, some users have reported that the connection issues persist even after updating to Android 14.


Wireless Connection Issues with Android Auto on Xiaomi Phones

Owners of Xiaomi smartphones have been experiencing connection issues with the wireless version of Android Auto since June of this year. The problem occurs when mobile data is unavailable.

In response to a complaint on the Android Auto support page, a representative from Google suggests that updating Xiaomi phones to Android 14 should resolve the connectivity issues. However, some users have reported that the problems persist even after updating to Android 14.

It's worth noting that the Android 14 update on Xiaomi phones has been limited so far, with certain models, such as the Xiaomi 12T Pro, yet to receive the update.

Possible Impact on Other Phone Models

The connection issues with Android Auto wireless may not be limited to just Xiaomi phones. Users have reported similar problems with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and other phone models after updating to Android 14.

According to reports, users can still use Android Auto over a wired connection on Samsung Galaxy devices experiencing wireless issues. This offers some relief for users who heavily rely on Android Auto for navigation.

Google Pixel owners on Android 14 have also faced similar problems. While a user on a forum suggests downloading Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2 as a potential solution, installing a beta build may not be suitable for everyone.

Ongoing Connectivity Issues with Android Auto

This isn't the first time Android Auto has faced connectivity issues. In a previous report, a bug affecting both wired and wireless versions of Android Auto on Google Pixel devices was highlighted.

Currently, there is no definitive solution for the wireless Android Auto issues faced by Xiaomi and other phone users. It remains to be seen if the Android Auto team will address these concerns with an update in the future as complaints continue to grow.

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