Android Apps Weekly: Google rolls out Android 14 feature drop, and more

This week's news revolved around the latest Android feature drop, YouTube's adult ad complaints, and so much more.


Google rolls out Android Feature Drop for Q4 2023

Google has started the rollout of its Android Feature Drop for Q4 2023. The new update incorporates several changes, including the addition of ten new free TV channels to the Google TV app, enhancements to Google Messages featuring a new Samsung-style image clipper, improved smart home controls for Wear OS, enhancements to the login process, the introduction of a new reply-by-text feature during calls, and several other significant changes.

YouTube addresses NSFW adult ad complaints

In November, there were several reports about NSFW adult ads appearing in YouTube ads. These ads resemble normal advertisements but have pornographic videos overlaid on top of them. Google states that these issues are attributed to a few bad actors, and it is actively working to address this problem, although they have yet to fully address all of our concerns and questions. Hopefully, this situation will be resolved for good.

Whatsapp introduces new features

Whatsapp is rolling out a few new features. First up, you can now lock sensitive Whatsapp chats with a secret code. The new feature is rolling out now and should hit all devices within the next month or so. Whatsapp is also working to bring audio to its screen-sharing feature and a few other changes, at least according to a code dive of the latest Whatsapp beta.


Meta Threads expands to Europe

The Meta Threads social network has been massively popular so far, with over a hundred million users in less than a week of its launch. In an effort to broaden its reach, Threads is set to expand to Europe as early as this month. Users in the EU may even have the option to utilize the platform without requiring an account.

Uber app hints at potential eSIM plan purchase feature

A recent code analysis of the Uber app has unveiled a set of code strings indicating a potential new feature: the capability to purchase eSIM plans directly within the Uber app. This feature will likely involve collaboration with specific partner carriers worldwide in order to facilitate the service. The code also hints at a promotional offer, providing users with 100MB of complimentary data for use within the Uber app upon reaching a new travel destination. While the feature does not seem to be active in the app at present, it could very likely rollout in the near future.

Telegram adds new voice transcription feature

Telegram is getting a new voice transcription feature for all users. While this version works similarly to the Telegram Premium option, the latter offers unlimited access. The feature is expected to rollout gradually.


New apps and games of the week

Wombo Me is a new AI tool that takes your picture and transforms it into various AI-generated avatars for online and other uses.

Black Clover M is a mobile game based on the popular Black Clover series, offering a console-level experience.

Merge Brain: 2248 is a puzzle game that involves tapping similar numbers to combine them.

Blood Knight: Idle 3D RPG is an idle RPG where players defeat hordes of enemies and engage in upgrades.

Dark Slayer: AFK RPG is a visually pleasing RPG with a 2D art style and anime aesthetic.

Pro Tip of the Week

If you're seeing ads on YouTube Premium, here's how to fix it:

1. Check your membership isn't expired.

2. Make sure you're not in incognito.

3. Check to see if you've blocked YouTube cookies in Chrome settings.

4. Sign out of YouTube Premium and sign back in.