America's Electric Vehicle Growing Pains

Some of the largest traditional automakers are experiencing electric vehicle growing pains and pulling back on production.


Automakers Cut Production

Ford announced today that it's cutting output of the battery-powered F-150 Lightning to make more Bronco SUVs and Ranger pickup trucks.

The CEO of Stellantis, which owns Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep, warned that the auto industry could face an EV 'bloodbath' if Tesla starts a pricing war.

GM stopped selling its Chevy Blazer EV last month due to charging and software issues.

Challenges for EV Adoption

A new report by Coltura, an environmental nonprofit, reveals that state governments, automakers, and activists are struggling to incentivize 'super drivers' responsible for high carbon emissions to switch to EVs.

Many super drivers, particularly those in rural areas, have limited access to charging stations.

Commercial fleets, which contribute significantly to miles driven, are not included in the report's findings.

Weather Impacts EV Performance

EVs can face challenges in cold weather, with longer charging times and reduced driving range of around 70%.

The White House has launched charging initiatives to boost EV adoption, even though only a limited number of models currently qualify for purchase subsidies.

Automakers remain committed to EV production, but at a slower pace.


Chicago's Freeze Affects EV Drivers

Chicago is preparing for another deep freeze, which poses challenges for EV drivers and homeowners.

The region has recently experienced abnormally cold weather.

This weather may impact the performance of EVs and pose challenges for charging infrastructure.

Review of the Rivian R1T Electric Pickup

The Rivian R1T electric pickup has received positive reviews for its acceleration and off-road capabilities.

However, like many EVs, it takes some adjustment to use as a daily driver.

The R1T offers a combination of impressive performance and practicality for outdoor enthusiasts.

Texas Power Grid Holds Up in Latest Freeze

Texas' power grid successfully handled another winter test despite extreme cold temperatures.

The state grid has faced scrutiny since widespread power outages during a winter storm in 2021.

Efforts have been made to improve the grid's resilience to weather extremes.