AI Firm Considers Banning Creation of Political Images for 2024 Elections

Midjourney, an AI company, is considering banning the use of its software to create political images of Joe Biden and Donald Trump in order to prevent misinformation during the 2024 US presidential election.


Midjourney Contemplates Banning Creation of Political Images

Midjourney, a groundbreaking artificial intelligence image-generating company, is contemplating banning users from using its software to create political images of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The CEO, David Holz, expressed concerns about political speech on the platform in the next year and mentioned that the company is close to banning political images of the leading presidential candidates for the next 12 months.

Holz acknowledged the appeal of creating images of Trump but suggested that it might be better to refrain from doing so during the election period. The company is currently discussing possible restrictions to prevent the platform from being used to spread misinformation or distract from the 2024 US presidential election.

Growing Concerns about AI-Generated Imagery

Recent incidents involving AI-generated imagery have raised concerns about its misuse. Pornographic images featuring the likeness of Taylor Swift, created using AI, prompted demands for stronger protections against such content. Midjourney's comments come in the wake of efforts by image-generator operators to prevent the creation of questionable content.

The political arena is also facing challenges related to AI. While the danger of campaigns that use fake images to attack opponents has been discussed, the impact of AI on electoral outcomes is yet to be determined. However, companies like Meta and OpenAI are taking steps to combat AI-generated political manipulation by labeling posts and adding watermarks to images made with AI platforms.

Midjourney's Approach and Future Perspectives

Midjourney is already taking precautions with its software by implementing community standards guidelines that prohibit disrespectful, harmful, or misleading portrayals. However, the company is considering a complete ban on AI-generated political images, although it may not explicitly announce the ban to its users.

The CEO of Midjourney recognizes the need for technological innovations to align with societal considerations and best practices. The speed of innovation has surpassed the development of norms and legislation, posing challenges for society to effectively navigate the use of AI.