After firing Jonathan Majors, flailing Marvel needs a total reboot

Actor Jonathan Majors’ conviction on charges of assault and harassment and subsequent firing by Marvel Studios should be a wake-up call to Disney. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in need of a complete reboot. The current form of the MCU has become a convoluted mess, with confusing storylines, cardboard performances, and lackluster box office results. It's time for a fresh start.


The Need for a Reboot

Actor Jonathan Majors’ conviction for assault and harassment and subsequent firing by Marvel Studios highlights the need for a complete reboot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The current state of the MCU has been plagued by unsolvable problems, including incomprehensible storylines, cliched plots, and lackluster performances.

Majors' termination from the upcoming Kang movies was just the latest blow to the MCU, which was already on shaky ground. With over 33 films and countless TV series, the franchise has become overwhelming and confusing for both audiences and critics alike.

The Marvel Studios firing should serve as a wake-up call to Disney and initiate a fresh start for the MCU. It's time to admit that the current formula is not working and take the necessary steps to revitalize the franchise.

Mounting Problems

The MCU's problems extend beyond just Majors' termination. With the tragic death of Chadwick Boseman, beloved characters reaching the end of their story arcs, and a string of box office failures, it's clear that the current state of the franchise is unsustainable.

The audience reception to recent releases like 'The Marvels' has demonstrated a decline in interest and enthusiasm. While there have been successful post-pandemic films like 'Spider-Man: No Way Home,' these are exceptions rather than the norm.

Furthermore, the departure of key characters and the direction of ongoing storylines have left the future of the MCU uncertain. The disbanding of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the memory wipe in 'No Way Home' have resulted in major shifts in the franchise's landscape.

The Path Forward

To save the MCU, Marvel should consider a complete overhaul. Scrapping planned Kang movies and focusing on fresh, standalone stories could provide the necessary rejuvenation the franchise needs. By taking a breather and reevaluating their approach, Marvel can start anew with the introduction of the X-Men, a beloved group of characters acquired through the 21st Century Fox acquisition.

Additionally, Marvel should prioritize creating enjoyable, relatable stories with compelling characters rather than relying on multiverse narratives and forced connections between films and TV shows. Marvel's mishandling of Wolverine's reintroduction in 'Deadpool 3' and the return of an aging Hugh Jackman exemplify the missteps the studio has made.

It's time for Marvel to focus on quality storytelling, strong character development, and engaging standalone films. This fresh start will not only revive the franchise but also attract a broader audience and ensure its continued success.