Aaron Rodgers Won’t Return to ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ This Season After Jimmy Kimmel Feud

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has announced that he will not be returning to 'The Pat McAfee Show' for the rest of this season after a feud with Jimmy Kimmel.


Aaron Rodgers Ends Season 4 on 'The Pat McAfee Show'

Aaron Rodgers will not be making any more appearances on 'The Pat McAfee Show' for the remainder of this season, according to host Pat McAfee. In the beginning of Wednesday's episode, McAfee announced that the 'Aaron Rodgers Tuesday' segments, which were planned to continue throughout the NFL playoffs, have come to an end. McAfee expressed his satisfaction with this decision, stating that the way the show ended with Rodgers got 'real loud.' He also mentioned that he's glad Rodgers won't be engaging with him on social media anymore.

Rodgers has been a controversial figure on the show, often expressing his opinions on the COVID vaccine, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and conspiracy theories. McAfee acknowledged that while Rodgers is a Hall of Famer and a significant part of the NFL story, some of his thoughts and opinions have upset a lot of people. He expressed relief that he no longer has to deal with his Wednesday segments on a regular basis.

The Jimmy Kimmel Feud

The recent week has been filled with drama between Aaron Rodgers and Pat McAfee after Rodgers made false comments about Jimmy Kimmel's connection to Jeffrey Epstein. Rodgers claimed that Kimmel is hoping a certain list, presumably Epstein's unsealed list of associates, doesn't come out. Kimmel immediately responded, denying any involvement with Epstein and accusing Rodgers of endangering his family with his reckless words.

This feud escalated further when Kimmel called Rodgers a 'hamster-brained man' who thinks he knows what the government is up to because of his research on YouTube and listening to podcasts. Rodgers made another appearance on 'The Pat McAfee Show' where he addressed his comments about Kimmel, but stopped short of apologizing. He clarified that he was glad Kimmel wasn't on the list and made sarcastic remarks about Kimmel's education and career. Despite this exchange, Rodgers expressed that he doesn't care about what Kimmel says about him as long as Kimmel understands what he actually said.

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