Aaron Rodgers Will No Longer Appear on 'Pat McAfee Show' Amid Jimmy Kimmel Feud

Aaron Rodgers is getting sidelined for a second time during this NFL season. Pat McAfee announced Wednesday that the New York Jets quarterback will no longer appear on his eponymous ESPN show.


Feud Intensifies with Jimmy Kimmel

The decision to remove Aaron Rodgers from 'Pat McAfee Show' comes amid his ongoing feud with Jimmy Kimmel. The feud escalated when Rodgers falsely suggested that Kimmel could be listed on Jeffrey Epstein's flight log. Although Kimmel's name was not listed when the names were unsealed on Jan. 3, Rodgers returned to the show without offering an apology.

McAfee, who apologized to Kimmel on his show, attributes the controversy surrounding Rodgers to the athlete's outspokenness and acknowledges the consequences of freedom of speech. Now, with Rodgers no longer appearing on the show, McAfee expresses his desire to focus primarily on sports rather than provocative rants.

Rodgers' Removal from the Show

Pat McAfee announced on his ESPN show that Aaron Rodgers will not be featured on 'Pat McAfee Show' for the rest of the NFL season. McAfee states that the decision was made due to the contentious nature of Rodgers' comments and the resulting backlash. The announcement comes just one day after Rodgers doubled down on his feud with Jimmy Kimmel.

McAfee expresses relief over the decision, as the feud had become increasingly loud and contentious. He acknowledges that while Aaron Rodgers is a significant figure in the NFL, some of his thoughts and opinions have incited anger in many individuals.

McAfee's Focus on Sports

Following Aaron Rodgers' removal from the show, Pat McAfee reveals his intention to focus primarily on sports moving forward. McAfee explains that he does not want his show to be primarily known for provocative rants like Rodgers', and acknowledges that the controversy has provided ammunition to those who have been waiting for the show to fail.

While recognizing Rodgers' accomplishments and influence in the NFL, McAfee expresses relief that he will no longer have to deal with the repercussions of controversial remarks every Wednesday. McAfee values the opportunity to chat with Rodgers and learn from him, but he is eager for a shift in focus on his show.