A Rarely-Seen Walk Through NASCAR History at a Private Daytona Museum

Take a virtual tour of the Daytona International Speedway Archive and Research Center, a hidden gem of racing artifacts.


An Incredible Collection

The Daytona International Speedway Archive and Research Center is a hidden treasure trove of racing artifacts. While not open to the public, those who are fortunate enough to visit are treated to an in-depth experience that showcases the rich history of racing at Daytona International Speedway and the surrounding area. Inside the center, you can find millions of photo negatives, thousands of books, magazines, and rulebooks, race records, trophies, historic cars, and much more. It's a comprehensive collection that provides a unique glimpse into the world of racing.

A Second Hall of Fame

In many ways, the DIS Archive and Research Center serves as a second hall of fame for NASCAR. While the official NASCAR Hall of Fame is located in Charlotte, NC, the center in Daytona Beach focuses specifically on the city's long association with racing. Daytona Beach is where Bill France Sr. founded NASCAR in 1947 and where France built Daytona International Speedway in 1959. The center showcases the history and significance of racing in Daytona Beach before and after NASCAR's arrival, making it an essential destination for any racing enthusiast.

Noteworthy Artifacts

During a recent tour of the archives, several artifacts stood out as particularly fascinating. One highlight was a near-exact recreation of Bill France Sr.'s office, complete with photos, awards, and personal mementos. The vault, a climate-controlled room, holds an extensive collection of film archives and photo negatives from NASCAR races dating back to the early days. Another intriguing display is the collection of yearly rulebooks, showcasing how NASCAR's regulations have evolved over time. Finally, the center also includes original workbenches from the first garages at Daytona International Speedway, offering a glimpse into the hands-on world of racing.


Unusual Finds

Hidden within the vast collection at the DIS Archive and Research Center are some unexpected surprises. Among the shelves of racing publications and memorabilia, you can find a series of romance novels from the mid-2000s, capitalizing on NASCAR's popularity during that time. The titles, with their double entendres, offer a lighthearted reminder of the cultural impact of racing. These unusual finds add an extra layer of charm to the museum, making it an experience unlike any other for visitors.