A Better All-in-One AI App is Finally Here

Check out the latest Installer issue featuring a new AI app, a keyboard attachment for iPhones, a crypto crime documentary, a Cybertruck tour, and more.


The Drop

Microsoft Copilot is an all-encompassing AI app that rivals ChatGPT. It's receiving a lot of attention, with Microsoft even adding a Copilot key to Windows keyboards.

Clicks Creator Keyboard is an exciting iPhone accessory that brings back the nostalgia of physical keyboards. It's a sleek and delightful attachment that might make you forget about typing on a touchscreen.

Bitconned is a unique crypto crime documentary available on Netflix. Unlike other documentaries, it's told from the perspective of the criminal, making it an interesting and entertaining watch.

iA Presenter is the perfect app for creating professional slide decks with ease. It's now available in beta for iPad and iPhone, expanding its reach beyond Mac users.

Trivial Pursuit Infinite is a trivia game with a twist. Each day, it offers a new set of questions to keep you entertained. The AI mode adds an extra level of customization by generating questions based on your chosen topic.

The First Time Somebody Has Ever 'Beat' Tetris is a captivating 40-minute video showcasing lightning-fast Tetris gameplay that ends in a thrilling yet mundane way. It's a must-watch for fans of the game.

The StoryGraph, an app gaining popularity, offers a great platform for book lovers. It now features barcode scanning for book tracking and a fantastic recommendations section, making it a go-to app for readers.

The Hollywood Reporter's Full Songwriters Roundtable brings together accomplished songwriters such as Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, and Dua Lipa. Their discussions about music creation and staying creative are both insightful and inspiring.

Public Domain Day 2024 marks the release of various movies, music recordings, and stories into the public domain. It's an exciting time for creators and enthusiasts to explore these newly available works.

Tesla Cybertruck Full Tour! If you're interested in the Cybertruck, this two-hour video provides a comprehensive look at its features, including a deep dive into the windshield wipers.

Screen share: Richard Lawler, a Windows user, shares his homescreen setup on a Pixel 8 Pro. He recommends apps like Overdrop for weather tracking and Action Launcher for customization.

Crowdsourced recommendations include Perplexity AI for summarizing information, Wrestle Kingdom 18 for captivating wrestling shows, Spaces for Mac for efficient window management, and iSH app for a Linux environment on iOS.

Richard Lawler also shares his current interests, including playing Apex Legends and Overwatch, listening to Open Mike Eagle's podcast, and indulging in NBA podcasts and old car advertisements on TikTok.

Signing off

Searching for games to play in short bursts? Golf Plus on the Meta Quest might be the answer. This realistic golf game offers various difficulty levels and courses, making it a relaxing and enjoyable option for quick gaming sessions.

That wraps up Installer No. 20! Stay tuned for more updates and recommendations in the next issue.