3 Elevated TikTok Hot Cocoa Recipes to Warm Up Your Holiday Season

Discover three TikTok-inspired hot cocoa recipes that will take your holiday season to the next level.


Earl Grey Tea-Infused Hot Cocoa

For a complex flavor and a sophisticated twist on classic hot cocoa, try infusing it with Earl Grey tea. TikTok creator @megstearoom shared a popular recipe that has garnered nearly 300,000 views and 33,000 likes. Start by warming milk on the stove, then add Earl Grey tea and let it steep for five minutes. You can use loose leaf or bagged tea and adjust the steeping time based on your preference for tea flavor.

After that, add a few tablespoons of cocoa mix (or use straight cacao with maple syrup as an alternative) and stir until smooth. Sprinkle in a dash of cinnamon for added flavor and garnish for a fancy touch. While Earl Grey is a classic choice, feel free to experiment with different tea flavors to find your favorite combination.

Peppermint Mocha Hot Cocoa Cups

Creator @dippedtampa brings us a more elaborate hot cocoa recipe with these Peppermint Mocha Hot Cocoa Cups. While it requires a bit more effort, the end result is well worth it. Start by preparing small paper cups with a slit on the side, lined with tape to keep the filling in place.

Melt chocolate and use it to coat the entire inside surface of the cup. Freeze the cup for five minutes until the chocolate sets. Remove the paper cup and fill the chocolate cup with two scoops of cocoa mix and mini marshmallows. Add a candy cane in the middle and secure everything with more melted chocolate on top. Finish with a sprinkle of mini marshmallows and a chocolate drizzle. Freeze the cups again until everything is set, and you have a delicious treat to add to warm milk whenever you crave a cozy cup of hot cocoa.

Appetizer-Style Chocolate Hot Cocoa

If you prefer a different approach to hot cocoa, try this chocolate-flavored appetizer-style recipe from creator @easybakekitchn. With over 12 million views, it's a hit for those who want to enjoy the signature hot cocoa flavor in a unique way.

To make this recipe, mix Cool Whip, marshmallow fluff, and hot chocolate powder together. Serve it with mini marshmallows, graham crackers, ginger snaps, or sugar cookies for a mouthwatering appetizer. It's the perfect way to indulge in the hot cocoa taste without having to drink a steaming cup.