3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks That Could Help Make You a Fortune

Discover three AI stocks with massive potential for growth and wealth creation.



Microsoft is a dominant player in the AI market. Its cloud services business is already generating massive revenue and stands to benefit from the increased usage of AI. Microsoft's partnership with OpenAI further solidifies its position in the race to develop groundbreaking AI technology. Additionally, Microsoft's search, news, and advertising segment is experiencing significant growth thanks to its AI-powered features.

With its outstanding track record and strong management, Microsoft is a prime candidate for generating wealth through AI investments.


CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity company that utilizes AI to offer cutting-edge protection to its customers. Its network effect allows its AI to continuously improve as more organizations adopt its platform. CrowdStrike's financials are impressive, with strong revenue growth and a growing subscription base. As cyber threats continue to increase, CrowdStrike's growth potential remains high.

For investors looking to capitalize on the AI-driven cybersecurity industry, CrowdStrike is an attractive option.


Nvidia has been a frontrunner in leveraging AI for growth and has experienced explosive revenue growth as a result. With a staggering market cap increase from $279 billion to close to $2 trillion in less than 18 months, Nvidia has demonstrated its ability to ride the AI wave. Its rate of growth is remarkable, and the potential of the AI chip market is still largely untapped.

As AI continues to gain prominence, Nvidia has the potential to surpass even the biggest technology giants and create massive fortunes for investors.