25 Vegan Christmas Recipes to Try

Discover a selection of vegan Christmas recipes and ideas to try out this festive season. From plant-based mains and roasts to sides, accompaniments, sweets, drinks, and desserts, there's something for everyone!


Plant-based mains and roasts

With the growing demand for plant-based foods, these vegan Christmas recipes are perfect for the season. From vegan roast beef to lentil and mushroom Wellington, there are plenty of options to choose from. Try the vegan roast chicken with cranberry for a tender and flavorful dish, or opt for the roasted aubergine steak for a meat-like main. The baked butternut squash with mushrooms is a colorful and nutritious choice, while the easy lentil Wellington is a simple yet delicious option. For a German-style pot roast, the succulent seitan pot roast is a must-try. And if you're in the mood for lasagna, the Brussels sprout and mushroom lasagna is a unique and creamy recipe.

For those looking for plant-based mains, these recipes are a great choice. The pecan apple stuffing is a festive and nutty side dish, while the braised red cabbage with apple adds a sweet and tangy flavor to any meal. The cranberry and garlic green beans incorporate the flavors of cranberry and garlic for a festive twist, and the curried Brussels sprouts offer a unique spin on the traditional Christmas veggie. The maple roasted carrots are naturally sweet and have a decadent maple twist, while the garlic butter mushroom scallops make a great appetizer or side dish. And if you're looking for a festive bread, the Christmas tree-shaped garlic bread sharer is a fun and flavorful choice. Finally, the vegan Christmas salad combines green beans, cranberries, and nuts for a hearty and nutritious side or starter.

Plant-based sweets, drinks, and desserts

No Christmas celebration is complete without sweets, drinks, and desserts. Try the vegan eggnog made with a coconut-oat milk blend for a creamy and festive drink. The apple loaf cake combines walnuts, festive spices, and apples for a flavorful and moist dessert. If you're a fan of cookies, the cinnamon star cookies made with ground nuts are a gluten-free option. The vegan Scottish shortbread is a veganized version of the traditional Scottish treat, while the Christmas granola adds a festive twist to the classic breakfast dish. And for chocolate lovers, the double chocolate fruit and nut swirls are a decadent treat. The spiced orange Christmas cookies have a dark, rich flavor and are perfect for after dinner. Finally, the six-ingredient Christmas pavlova wreath made with aquafaba is a light and crispy vegan meringue dessert that will impress your guests.


This festive season, embrace plant-based eating with these delicious vegan Christmas recipes. From mains and roasts to sides, accompaniments, sweets, drinks, and desserts, there's something for everyone. Whether you're a seasoned vegan or just looking to incorporate more plant-based foods into your holiday meals, these recipes are sure to impress. Happy holidays!