15 healthy snack recipes that'll keep you full between meals

Hunger pangs will be a thing of the past


Best healthy snack recipes

Date and almond butter bar - This recipe uses just five ingredients and is the perfect healthy snack to keep you full between meals. Packed with gooey dates to satisfy your sweet tooth and heart-healthy chia and flaxseed, they also have a good fibre kick for your digestion.

Peanut butter stuffed dates - These peanut butter stuffed dates are delicious snacks that would be a perfect post-gym treat as they are packed with natural sugars, protein, and dark chocolate.

Protein flapjacks - If you're after a healthier sweet treat or a protein-filled snack for a post-workout bite, these protein flapjacks are delicious. Packed with healthy seeds and dried fruits, and sweetened with agave, these are seriously tasty.

More healthy snack recipes

Meal prep egg bites - These egg bites make the perfect healthy snack or on-the-go breakfast. Easy to make, protein-packed, and customizable, you can top them with almost anything!

Banana and almond bread with hazelnut butter - We know banana bread feels a bit 2020, but let's not forget this easy bake is not only yummy but also high in fiber and protein. This recipe makes the perfect post-run energy hit or a delicious snack for any time of the day.

Fruit and nut flapjack - Fruit and nut is such a classic combo, and these flapjacks are a match made in heaven. These flapjacks combine the crunchiness of nuts and the sweetness of dried fruit for the ultimate treat.

Even more healthy snack recipes

Healthy date bark - Made with luscious Medjool dates, velvety peanut butter, almonds, and dark chocolate, this viral dessert recipe is just like a Snickers bar – but free from any additives and excess added sugar. We’re *obsessed*!

Sweet soy and sesame snack bars - This healthy snack bar is high in protein and fiber. It's also packed with vitamins (we’re talking A, B, C, and E) as well as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and potassium. These little nutritional powerhouses punch well above their weight.

Cacao and matcha cake with tofu icing - This cake is not only healthy but vegan and high in protein! The icing is made with creamy tofu and finished with antioxidant-rich matcha, meaning you really can have your cake and eat it too!