12 Wolfgang Puck Recipes, From California Pizza to Viennese Wiener Würstchen

The Los Angeles chef behind Spago and the Oscars shares starters, mains, and desserts to elevate any party.


The Ultimate Los Angeles Chef

Wolfgang Puck, the renowned chef behind Spago and the Oscars, has become a culinary icon in Los Angeles and beyond. Growing up in Vienna, Puck incorporates both Austrian and Californian influences into his cuisine. With eight restaurant concepts worldwide, including popular destinations like Las Vegas and New York, Puck has made a name for himself with his innovative and flavorful dishes.

One of Puck's most famous creations is the smoked salmon, crème fraîche, and caviar pizza, which has become a signature dish at Spago, his flagship restaurant in Beverly Hills. Puck's love for combining flavors and textures can be seen throughout his menu, from starters to desserts.

Elevate Your Cooking with Wolfgang Puck Recipes

If you're looking to impress your guests at your next party, why not try some of Wolfgang Puck's recipes? From crispy potato galette to marinated rack of lamb, Puck offers a wide range of dishes that are sure to elevate your cooking skills.

One standout recipe is the pork schnitzel with warm potato salad. While Puck deep-fries Kurobuta pork at his restaurant, you can easily recreate this dish at home using boneless pork chops. Another must-try is the savory baked carrot and broccoli rabe terrine, a unique and impressive dish that combines sautéed vegetables, cheese, and eggs. And for dessert, indulge in the espresso-chocolate semifreddo, a creamy and decadent ice cream pie. With Puck's recipes, you can bring a touch of elegance to your own kitchen.

Enjoy Puck's Signature Dishes

Some of Puck's most iconic dishes are also included in his recipe collection. The pizza with smoked salmon, crème fraîche, and caviar, which changed the way people think about pizza toppings, is a must-try for any pizza lover. Another crowd-pleaser is the goat cheese-garlic toasts, a savory starter that is ready in just 25 minutes.

If you're a fan of German cuisine, you'll love Puck's recipe for Wiener Würstchen, or hot dog melts. These sausages, filled with cheese and wrapped in bacon, are a childhood favorite of Puck's. And for a taste of Austria, try the crispy potato galette with smoked fish and dill crème, a decadent dish that is surprisingly easy to make.

Whether you're hosting a party or simply looking to elevate your everyday cooking, Wolfgang Puck's recipes offer a taste of his world-renowned cuisine. With his unique flavor combinations and expert techniques, you can create dishes that are sure to impress.