10 Asian-Inspired Cocktails To Savor This Season

Bartenders across the country are coming up with creative takes on classics using Asian ingredients and spirits to enjoy during the festivities and well into the spring.


Savory Asian-Inspired Cocktails

The Dirty Dashi combines vodka and shiro dashi for a savory and umami-packed martini.

The Furusetto combines tequila with wasabi syrup, wasabi-soy powder, and candied ginger for a spicy and flavorful sushi-inspired cocktail.

The Kimchini is a Korean-inspired dirty martini that uses kimchi instead of olives and adds a touch of heat with gochujang.

Sweet Asian-Inspired Cocktails

The If You Like Peanuts and Cola cocktail combines peanut-infused bourbon with fish sauce and cola syrup for a sweet and savory Vietnamese-inspired drink.

The Year of The Dragon cocktail features gin, lime juice, and dragon fruit syrup for a citrusy and fruity Chinese-inspired cocktail.

The Up in Smoke cocktail combines mezcal, Baijiu, Velvet Falernum, coconut milk, and dragon fruit juice for a smoky and fruity Lunar New Year drink.

The Year of the Dragon cocktail from RedFarm combines grapefruit liqueur, plum wine, and dragon fruit shrub for a citrusy and herbal Lunar New Year special.

The Lychee Lemonade Mimosa is a bright and bubbly Chinese-inspired cocktail perfect for spring brunch.

The Yuzu Colada is a Japanese-inspired piƱa colada featuring yuzu-infused sake and coconut mix for a tropical and refreshing drink.

The Cafe Sua Espresso Martini puts a Vietnamese twist on the classic cocktail with Vietnamese coffee and cacao turbinado syrup.